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We accept online contributions through our partner, who provides secure processing of credit card transactions on our behalf.

(Note that your official charitable tax receipt will come from CanadaHelps, not from Community of Christ.)


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Canada West Mission

Make contributions to Mission Centre funds.

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Contribute Now Through CanadaHelps
Community of Christ Canada

Make contributions to Worldwide Mission Tithes and other World Church funds.

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Contribute Now Through CanadaHelps
Canada East Mission

Make contributions to Mission Centre funds.

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Pre-Authorized Transfer (PAT)

The Pre-Authorized Transfer (PAT) program allows you to make regular monthly contributions to your local congregation, your favourite campground, a mission centre fund, or to World Church through an automatic withdrawal directly from your bank account (on the 15th of each month). On the PAT registration form you allocate your month contribution among specific local, Mission Centre and World Church funds. Before tax filing time, you will receive charitable tax receipts from your local congregation and/or the Mission Center, depending on how you allocated your contributions.

PAT is a great way to ensure your contributions are regular, even when you're travelling or enjoying the summer at camps or at the cottage. You can also continue to use your regular envelopes for special occasions, and of course you can change the amount or stop the transfers at any time.

To register for PAT, you can obtain the registration form from your local congregational financial person, or you can download the PAT form. Tax and banking regulations require that initial applications and all changes to your PAT contribution must be made in writing, not by telephone or by email.

If you have questions about the PAT program, please call your Mission Centre.

Contribution Envelopes

Local congregations offer regular contributors a box of weekly envelopes that you can use to contribute and have the amounts tracked so that you receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the year.

You can also request and use these envelopes to make contributions directly to the Mission Center or World Church.

Postal Mail

You can contribute through the mail by sending your contributions directly to the Canada East Mission or the Canada West Mission.

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Tithes cover expenses that are outside the annual budget. These gifts address today's critical needs, such as helping ensure the church meets its pension obligations to its retired ministers and staff, and then build a bridge to the future through endowments that support and enable new opportunities for mission.


Canadian Mission Endowment

The Canadian Mission Endowment will support mission and operations in Canada. A $25M Canadian Mission Endowment will help revitalize congregations and develop new expressions of ministries in Canada and around the world. It will ensure the church in Canada meets its basic operational and ministry needs, allowing it to remain healthy and strong.

How to Support Bridge of Hope Tithes and Canadian Mission Endowment

If you (or your congregation) would like to support Bridge of Hope Tithes or the Canadian Mission Endowment by giving from your abundance, mail contributions to ATTN: Bishop of Canada, 355 Elmira Rd. N., Ste. #129, Guelph, ON N1K 1S5. Please designate "Bridge of Hope Tithes" or "Canadian Mission Endownment" on your cheque, or on the right side of your tithing envelope.


The Canadian Campaign Council, with assistance from the Mission Funding Team in Independence, helps members and friends understand their true capacity to give to support mission. They provide assistance to families on supporting Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes, giving from abundance to Bridge of Hope and Canadian Mission Endowment and designating gifts through estates.

  • Dar Shepherdson (Bishop of Canada)
  • Kerry Richards (CEM President)
  • Stephen Thompson (CWM President)
  • Ken Barrows (Mission Funding Specialist)
  • Janine McCully
  • Becky Middleton
  • Carol Shaw
  • Lew Shepherdson
  • Sam Smalldon
  • David Snell
  • Dale Ward

If you have questions or want more information, you can contact any member of the Canadian Campaign Council. If they don't have the information, they'll put you in touch with others on the team.