CEM Mission Conference

Mission Conference Resources

CEM 2018 Business Meeting Agenda [PDF 68.6Kb]
CEM 2018 Mission Conference Resolutions [PDF 169.8Kb]
CEM 2018 Mission Centre President's Message [PDF 211.9Kb]
CEM Congregational Mission Plan [PDF 3.6Mb]
CEM Personal Mission Plan [PDF 103.8Kb]
CEM 2018-Q3 Budget-to-Actual Report [PDF 56.3Kb]
CEM 2019 Proposed Budget [PDF 64.8Kb]
2018 Mission Conference Brochure [PDF 1.8Mb]
2017 CEM Financial Auditors Report [PDF 136.0Kb]
2017 CEM Financial Statements [PDF 136.0Kb]
2017 Community of Christ Canada Financial Statements [PDF 544.9Kb]
CEM Bylaws [PDF 79.1Kb]
Guide to Good Dialogue and Parliamentary Quick Reference [PDF 86.8Kb]

Mission Conference Date

Oct 26

Mission Conference

Trinity United Church|400 Stevenson St. N.|Guelph, ON

World Conference Resources

2019 World Conference Resolutions [PDF 221.0Kb]
Résolutions de la conférence mondiale de 2019 [PDF 205.2Kb]
Conferencia Mundial de 2019 Resoluciones [PDF 228.5Kb]