Who We Are


Are You Seeking a Spiritual Home?

We offer a community where you can belong, be valued and loved, deepen your spirituality, and discover a purpose that can change lives and communities.

Community of Christ is a welcoming, loving faith community that values the worth of every person as a child of God. We provide a safe space for you to explore and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. Come discover renewed purpose for your life through compassionate, Christ-like service that ends suffering and fosters justice and peace.

Who is Community of Christ?

We are an international Christian church with 250,000 members in more than 50 nations. Our International Headquarters, including a Temple dedicated to the pursuit of peace, is located in Independence, Missouri.

Enduring Principles

These Enduring Principles have unfolded as our community's faithful response to our heritage and our continuing experience with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. While we believe these principles to be eternal, our expression of them will continue to evolve as our understanding grows. (Visit the Enduring Principles section of the World Church website for more information.)

God’s grace, especially as revealed in Jesus Christ, is generous and unconditional. In response to God’s grace, we generously share our witness, resources, ministries, and sacraments. Our generosity is not based on obligation or formulas, but according to our true capacity as disciples.

In the beginning, God created everything and declared it good. All creation, both the seen and the unseen, is connected, and we join with God as stewards of care and hope for all creation.

Scripture is an inspired and indispensable witness of human response to God’s revelation of divine nature. God graciously continues to reveal divine will today as in the past, as the Holy Spirit inspires and provides witness to divine truth. In humility, we continue to share God's ongoing revelation with our community and the world. (See Scripture in Community of Christ.)

God views all people as having inestimable and equal worth. God wants all people to experience shalom – wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationships – and we join with Jesus Christ in bringing that good news to the poor, sick, captive, and oppressed. We seek to uphold and restore the worth of all people individually and in community, challenging unjust systems that diminish human worth.

God graciously gives people gifts and opportunities to do good, and Jesus Christ invites us to find joy in our lives by expressing our giftedness by becoming disciples who share his life and ministry. As disciples, we respond faithfully, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to our best understanding of God’s call in our lives.

Some disciples are called and ordained to particular priesthood responsibilities and ministries for the sake of the community, the congregation, and the world.

God gives humans the ability to make choices about whom or what they will serve. Many people experience conditions that diminish their ability to make choices, but we all share the reality that our choices contribute to good or evil in our lives and in the world. Many aspects of creation need redemption because of irresponsible and sinful (rooted in selfishness or fear) human choices. We are called to make responsible choices within our own circumstances that are in harmony with the truths of these enduring principles.

God wants shalom (justice, reconciliation, well-being, wholeness, and peace) for all of creation, in all aspects of life. Our understanding of Zion is of just and peaceful communities that courageously and generously share the blessings that come through living by the "upside down" principles of compassion and justice proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We work with God and others to restore peace (shalom) to creation, and celebrate God’s peace wherever it appears or is being pursued by people of good will.

Community of Christ is a diverse, international family of disciples, seekers, and congregations, and all our local and worldwide ministries are interdependent and important to the church’s mission. The church embraces diversity and unity, and we seek agreement or common consent in important matters. When we cannot achieve agreement, we commit to ongoing dialogue and uphold our common faith in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church. (See Faithful Disagreement.) We confess that our lack of agreement on certain matters is hurtful to some of God's beloved children and creation.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is expressed best in community life where people become vulnerable to God’s grace and each other. True community includes compassion for and solidarity with the poor, marginalized, and oppressed, and upholds the worth of persons while providing a healthy alternative to self-centeredness, isolation, and conformity.

Sacred community provides nurturing and growth opportunities for all people, especially those who cannot fully care for themselves. We value our connections to each other and share a strong sense of trust in and belonging with one another – even if we never have met. We are called to create communities of Christ’s peace in our families and congregations and across villages, tribes, nations, and throughout creation.

Mission Initiatives

Christ’s mission is our mission. Community of Christ ministries, personnel, and resources are focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ through five, life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing Mission Initiatives. (Visit the Mission Initiatives section of the World Church website for more information.)

People everywhere yearn to feel at peace and to live meaningful lives. We believe that such peace and meaning can be found by being part of a community that welcomes everyone – regardless of age, socioeconomic status, marital status, human sexuality or gender – to be connected to each other and to a shared future through the commitment to the principles shared in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We invite each one seeking peace and meaning to share in our community.


Our world is filled with people just like us, but who are poor, hungry and sick through circumstances over which they have no control. Despite long hours of work and untold sacrifice, they encounter systemic social and economic barriers that keep them and their families trapped in cycles of poverty. We offer compassionate ministries that serve the poor and hungry and work to change conditions that diminish the worth of persons.


We pursue Christ’s covenant of peace, that offers the promise of living in God's "peaceable kingdom" where our relationships with each other and with the earth are based on the principles that Jesus taught. We learn and teach peacemaking in our own communities, and join with millions of others all over the earth who work to live in peace.


To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to be on a journey of discovery about ourselves and each other as we live and work together as a community of disciples. Part of our discipleship is sharing what we have learned on our journey about being and becoming living expressions of the continuing presence of Christ in the world. While we don't have all the answers, we keep asking questions about how we can become more authentic disciples than we are today.


Discipleship is not just about us and our relationship with the Divine. We know that we better understand what it means to profess Christ when we live and work in community with others who share their life stories, serve others as compassionate ministers, and practice justice and peacemaking.


Christ's Mission—Our Mission—YOUR Mission

What We Believe

To learn about our beliefs as a Christian community, follow the links below to the relevant sections on our World Church website. We also highly recommend reading Sharing in Community of Christ.

Basic Beliefs

Jesus Christ is at the center of our faith and beliefs. Learn more about our basic beliefs.



Sacraments are special ministries that convey God’s love for us.


Disciples Generous Response

As followers of Jesus, our whole-life commitment is in response to God's wonderful generosity.



Responsibly interpreted scripture provides divine guidance and inspired insight for our discipleship.


Our Journey of Faith

We do not have all the answers.

We are on a journey of faith as a community, shaped by our past and discovering our future together. Our commitment is to value each person and their perspective, and to that end we have developed some guiding principles for how we will listen to each other and work together.

Faithful Disagreement

Community of Christ has developed and promoted a policy of Faithful Disagreement that defines a set of principles to be used as we struggle with tough questions and issues. This is not an "anything goes" policy; rather it promotes the viewpoint that one can responsibly disagree with a specific policy, belief or position of Community of Christ without being classified as unfaithful.

Church History

The story of our history as a faith tradition is fascinating and inspiring, and has been documented in many ways, from multi-volume book sets by trained historians ("Journey of a People"), to short, illustrated booklet form ("Community of Christ: An Illustrated History"), to online one-page summaries. Visits to historic sites can truly help make the stories come alive.

There have been times in our past when our sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ became entangled with sharing our history. As a church we have learned to just let our history be history, and accept the reality that even faithful leaders had human flaws, just as we do. This and other principles are described in Church History Principles.

What We Offer

A place to belong:
We nurture inclusive communities where the worth of each person is valued.
A place to learn:
We encourage study (at many different levels) and personal spiritual practices.
A place to grow:
We develop and equip people of all ages with leadership and caring skills.
A place to make a difference:
We engage in compassionate ministries that serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that diminish the worth of persons.
A place to expand horizons:
As an international faith movement, Community of Christ celebrates the cultural diversity of our worldwide membership.
A place to collaborate:
We work with other faiths and organizations to seek justice and make peace around the world.

Change your life; change your community; change the world!