CEM Staff Directory

Canadian Field Apostle

Art Smith

Email: Click to email asmith@cofchrist.org

Phone: 800-825-2806 ext. 3059

1001 West Walnut
Independence, MO 64050

Bishop of Canada
Canada East Mission Financial Officer

Dar Shepherdson

Email: Click to email dar@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 519-822-4150 888-411-7537 ext 34

Canada East Mission President

Kerry Richards

Email: Click to email kerry@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 519-822-4150 888-411-7537 ext 28

Innovative Ministries

Alfredo Zelaya-Martinez

Email: Click to email alfredo@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: Cell: 416-845-5003

Accounting and Administrative Specialist

Emily Hatch

Email: Click to email emily@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 519-822-4150 888-411-7537 ext 21

  • Accounting – CEM
  • Disbursements – World Church Canada, CEM
  • Contribution receipting and Pre-Authorized Transfer (PAT) – World Church, CEM, CWM
  • Shelby and CFO support – CEM, CWM
  • Mission Centre Recorder and Congregational Recorder support – CEM

Accounting and Administrative Specialist

Heather Huffman

Email: Click to email heather@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 519-822-4150 888-411-7537 ext 23

  • Accounting – World Church Canada
  • Project accounting including disbursements and ministerial reimbursement
  • Bishop of Canada support, including communications, reporting, and oblation
  • Invoicing for payroll and risk (insurance) – CEM, CWM

Administrative Support Specialist

Melissa Freer

Email: Click to email melissa@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 519-822-4150 888-411-7537 ext 24

  • Mission Centre President support – CEM
  • Camping Program Administrator – CEM
  • Payroll and Benefits Coordinator – World Church Canada, CEM, CWM

CEM Systems Support

Chad Dailey

Email: Click to email chad@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: 647-274-8924

Encounter World Religions

Brian Carwana

Email: Click to email brian@worldreligions.ca

Phone: 519-822-0099 888-411-7537 ext 33

Revitalization Minister

Troy Roach

Email: Click to email troy@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: Cell: (519) 404-3357

Pastoral Support Advocate

Tim Stanlick

Email: Click to email tim@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: Cell: (226) 989-7201

Field Missionary Coordinator
President of Seventy

John Glaser

Email: Click to email jglaser@cofchrist.org

Phone: 816-786-9462

Mission Funding Specialist

Ken Barrows

Email: Click to email ken@communityofchrist.ca

Phone: Cell: (613) 246-3566